Coronavirus Ammunition Shortage: Where to Bulk Buy Ammo



Coronavirus Ammunition Shortage: Where to Bulk Buy Ammo


Covid-19 Has Leads to an Ammunition Shortage –

So where can you buy ammo in bulk?

The Coronavirus crisis has made even the most Leftist American system go and bulk buy ammunition. See how quickly a crisis can wreck stock levels in your local gunstore?

But you can still bulk buy ammo online, and we’re going to help you.

You want the answer to where to buy ammo in bulk online I know. So here are the live links that will take you to some of the places we know you can still buy a lot of ammunition.

They will drop like flies in the days ahead, be sure of that, as the country suddenly wakes up to the fact that low ammo stocks are an actual, serious, today problem.

Buy what you can, don’t waste time and make sure you’ve got actual bullets and shells to put in those awesome guns you own.

Stock Up on Ammo, All the Time

Seriously, too, get your shit together. If you get to the stocks in time this time, consider yourself very lucky. Consider Coronavirus a dress rehearsal for the real disaster that’s simply a matter of time.

But the way the Covid-19 crisis is shaping up, this really could be it. 

What Ammo Should You Buy in Bulk?

The general consensus is that you should focus on 9mm Luger, 5.56 NATO and possibly the .308 Winchester Magnum rounds.

We have some other suggestions for things you need to survive the Coronavirus pandemic here.

Preppers could argue a case for 22LR, too, but that’s for when we’re living in the woods and shooting small game, like squirrels, for dinner. For self defense and basic hunting, on two legs and four, those are the rounds to work with, because they’re popular and freely available.

If you need a gun to go with that, then check out these posts and find the firearm of your dreams.

A Crisis Shows the Value of the Second Amendment

Citizens in Italy, France, Spain and Germany are already under some form of martial law. Tension is rising, the emergency services are stretched beyond capacity and mainland Europe is a tinderbox.

Civil unrest could be the real violent killer, not Coronavirus itself, and most of Europe was disarmed long ago. Those people are genuinely scared.

You Can Protect Yourself. So Do It.

Count your blessings for the right to bear arms and make sure you can actually do that when you need to. Get bricks of ammo. Learn to reload. Buy the 22LR by the thousand too.

Get what you can. And get ready to stand your ground and take care of yours and what’s yours. Sadly, it could really come to that this time.

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